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I am a small-scale imports of European buyers, from the beginning in 2000 with Chinese manufacturers to cooperate in the procurement of Chinese goods, Chinese goods, cheap prices, variety of styles to attract our European businessmen are the most important factor. Initially I was with some of China's import and export companies, by providing them with information and merchandise export services, but less than one year after the time I found my purchases from these middlemen merchandise on prices in the European market more and more unable to competition with other businessmen. So my start in 2002 through a number of e-commerce website to find the direct manufacturers, so that prices quickly drop in a large extent, but at this same procurement Me encountered a new problem, that is, the quality of goods and products real degree of problem, because the scale of export manufacturers and the different production levels, I have repeatedly encountered a number of merchandise quality issues, such as in 2002 I began producing substantial procurement Chinese electronic products, most manufacturers of such products claim that they have received EU CE certification, the majority of their tags are counterfeiting their product after the arrival of Europe customs have always been, give me the company resulted in no small loss, at the same time are because of transactions conducted through the network, logistics providers and reasonable selection the product after-sales service, as well as all aspects of legal protection are more difficult to achieve. 2004 Lenux me to get to know the German company, they trade in services innovative products to attract me, such as their network-based institutions and in-kind merchandise display functions, for both buyers and sellers to provide a transparent product prices, international trade in many types of technical services, flexible foreign exchange services, merchandise accurate judgments and analysis capabilities, a huge Chinese factories and product information, a reasonable level of charges and so on. LENUX these services through Germany, I for the procurement of Chinese goods have had a greater confidence, I only need to pay very low fees could be avoided ago most of the problems encountered at the same time my purchases become abnormal and easy relax, my customers for the procurement of my Chinese merchandise gradually produced a dependent, my cash-flow speed through with the German company's cooperation LENUX accelerated 2-fold. Lenux me through the merchandise for more Chinese know, and make me more confident with Chinese manufacturers, such as the future co-operation