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Currency clearing and settlement services

1.L / C are letters of credit, the full name Letter of credit, are a means of payment, means a bank (issuing bank) (opening bank) consultation customers (usually the buyer) requests and instructions, to a third person (usually the seller) issued by A paper (instruments) or letters (letter), its contents including the applicant name, the beneficiary (beneficiary), sent date, the transaction of goods, quantity, price, terms of trade, the beneficiary should be the requirements to open a money order ( said the terms of the invoice), when the Bills to deal with the invoices, shipment date, expiration date and open like the bank to the Negotiating Bank (negotiating bank) or other terms of the relationship between people. At present, the vast majority of import and export trade are paid through a letter of credit.

2.T / T are wire transfers, the full name Telegraphic Transfer, are a means of payment. Export line should be the sender application, add charge sent telex / telex or SWIFT to the country in another branch or agency (ie Import Bank ) direct the solution to pay a certain amount to the payee as a way of remittances. China's import and export trade of this use of the frequency of payment only to the letter of credit

3.PayPal is an eBay company, its online payment solutions are the global leader in providing to the buyers and sellers to promote online safety a means of payment transactions, as a trusted third-party transaction, eBay will be monitoring the whole transaction flow. During the transactions, the buyer can rest assured that after the purchase confirmation to send money to eBay, and at a certain period of time of receipt and inspection, thereafter through eBay to confirm the actual payment will be paid to the seller.

4.Email Alibaba are founded specifically to address the issue of online security payment, the buyer to ascertain, the first payment remitted to pay Bao, AliPay notify the seller after the confirmation of receivables shipments, the buyer to confirm receipt and satisfaction with the after, AliPay play shall give the seller to complete the transaction, the initiative at hand, no worries! Transaction process, AliPay as a neutral third party credibility institutions, payment security and adequate protection of the interests of buyers and sellers.