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Product Safety Certification

Quality inspection certificates, are exports and imports of merchandise delivery settlement effective Claim Settlement certificate; statutory inspection of the merchandise certificates, merchandise import and export declarations, input-output legitimate credentials. Commodity inspection agency issued the release orders and declarations at stamping on the release of Chapter commodity inspection certificate and have the same clearance effect; notice issued by the inspection of the same nature as the commodity inspection certificate

Inspection certificates, are a variety of import and export commodity inspection certificates, identification certificates and other certificates referred to collectively, are the export trade and the parties to fulfill their contractual obligations, deal with disputes and arbitration claims, litigation burden, with the legal basis of valid documents as well as customs inspection release, the collection of customs duties and preferential tariff reductions prove necessary

GS is the meaning of German "Geprufte Sicherheit" (Security Certified), there is also "Germany Safety" (German Safety) mean. GS Certification Product Safety Act in Germany (SGS) as the basis, in accordance with the EU standard EN or German DIN industrial standards for detection of a voluntary certification, the European market are recognized safety certification mark in Germany. GS mark indicates that the use of security products has passed the credibility test, an independent body.