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Import and export declarations Service

Flow of imports:

1 Customers provide arrival notices, the original bill of lading or electric release bonds and fees for a single, THC, etc. give me the Secretary by the Secretary on behalf of my clients to their respective shipping companies for the import bills of lading.

2 Prepare documents required for import customs clearance.

3 Customs import declaration after the trial such as price required, customers need to provide proof of Price.

4 Customs and print tax returns, the customer must pay the taxes and fees 7 working days.

5 Customs clearance inspection, the customer need for the timely payment of customs declaration to the Secretary for me.

Export flow:

1 Export customs declaration enterprise should have at the local Customs, Inspection and Quarantine register the record and have the right to operate import and export inspection qualifications.

2 Documents required for exports

3 Documents required for export inspection

4 Formal declaration to the Customs export declaration

5 Customs Examination Ending scene

6 To be exports of goods, shipping companies will export manifest data transmission Customs, Customs received data to be customs broker Customs clearance data, the timely write-off tax rebate to the Customs Union Print.

7 Ending the export customs clearance