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The China Disabled People's Art Troupe's 2007 tour through Europe,
commercial assistance LENUX achieved complete success

Begin in March 2007, the China Disabled People's Art Troupe five countries in Europe, held many commercial performances screenings, Germany LENUX has become the main business activity of the service provider, through Illinois in Europe plus the foundation of network resources in various parts of China institutions with them to last for more than 40 days Troupe's performances and the European trip was a complete success

LENUX trip to tie in with the Art Ensemble provide a 24-hour tracking services, through the European and Chinese customer service staff with the perfect, the whole trip the various problems encountered have been resolved in a timely manner.

European performances itinerary:    Beijing --- Norway --- Austria --- France --- Germany --- Beijing

Germany's main services provided by Illinois has

·Full itinerary planning performance

·European countries members stay transport services

·Equipment Items Total Logistics Services

·For the ATA national customs documents and provide customs clearance services

·Performance Management Activity itinerary and emergency security services