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Fiona in Hong Kong there is a self-clothing shop, operates mainly in Europe, imports of apparel and leather goods brand, in 2006 she has been taken 2 times each year with the aide went to Italy and France Cargo election, and the rest mainly in the procurement of goods Hong Kong's finish with some dealers. Since beginning in 2006 Fiona Illinois in cooperation with Germany, Germany LENUX network in Europe through the institutions to help Fiona directly through e-mail election goods, the original Illinois are the basic types of goods available, and to provide more supplier and more styles of merchandise, often still lower than the purchase price of the original purchase price. Fiona found the cooperation with the Illinois so she could be saved every year at least 100,000 Hong Kong dollars at the same time the travel was lower purchase price, annual Fiona will be earlier than the other competitors to get the latest style, get the best sales time At the same time, Illinois for many years in Europe's credibility every time Do not need further assist Fiona Italian or French supplier of procurement to pay a deposit in advance, so that the operating stress Fiona becomes more and more small. 2007 and 2008 Fiona separately in Hong Kong and Macao also opened her second and third stores, the annual purchases from the original 200,000 euros per year has been raised to 650,000 euros per year.